I would love to…

be able to cad as good as Mac Funamizu at JohnnyHolland.org. Check out these Mac’s petit inventions: Gadgets for the physically challenged.

It’s all killer apps. Now how to get these things working. Is there a good recognition of sign language availiable? is it possible to cram it into such a little computer?


Libraries is your best friend!

If you have a public libary nearby, be happy! I usually visit it at least once a month (not to mention the library at my school, which I visit almost every day).

Would it be possible to have the same view of the libraries from home? Google is really good, but does it give you the same feeling?

light trees

I really like the feeling of trees, especially in spring. I read in a science fiction book, which was called something like Neverland, about a very disabled man, who actually took care of his systems and busniess in a garden metaphore. It was not said exactly how it worked, of course, but would the same metaphore be usefull for a library?

The Swedish (and maybe European) library subject catalog is built up on letters. With this system one can actually fold in all books in the alphabet. That’s quite amazing! Would something similar be possible in a garden metaphore?

These are the swedish letters (beware that you can add “sub-folders” by adding more letters):

From Bibliotek.se you’ll find:

SAB:s huvudavdelningar är:

A Bok- och biblioteksväsen N Geografi
B Allmänt och blandat O Samhälls- och rättsvetenskap
C Religion P Teknik, industri och kommunikationer
D Filosofi och psykologi Q Ekonomi och näringsväsen
E Uppfostran och undervisning R Idrott, lek och spel
F Språkvetenskap S Militärväsen
G Litteraturvetenskap T Matematik
H Skönlitteratur U Naturvetenskap
I Konst, musik, teater och film V Medicin
J Arkeologi X Musikalier
K Historia Y Musikinspelningar
L Biografi med genealogi Ä Tidningar
M Etnografi, socialantropologi och etnologi

And if you don’t know swedish – it’s just to start learning :), well lets start with J – arcelogy K – history. Would it be possible to map that to something in the garden? Well, Arcelogy wouldn’t be to hard, just dig a hole in the garden, and place the books in there.

The history, well, that could be books standing somewhere in the garden, possibly surrounded by a little castle.

C – religion, would probably be close to some kind of holy building – probably a church, synagogue or mosque.

As you can see, this system will soon be very strange, and not very easy to navigate – there would soon be very strange to know were to look for books about soil – in the ground or i the U – natural science big oak with scientific papers as leaves. The interface would though be very inspiring for a child, because it’s not as abstract as a row of letters, and the good things about the letter system would soon be apparent for the child.

Is it possible to build this system with the current technology? Well, probably. You could use Microsoft Live-labs Photosynth with a shot of a nice garden, and links to Google Books of that built up garden. Would anyone pay for this? Schools? Libraries? Parents?

Start-up meeting this monday

This thing about starting company have been a goal for me for so long. How hard can it be? I was frightened that it would be really hard, but I guess it’s not. Business idea would not be much of a problem –  I have a great brain that I love much. Everything will be just fine.

Main goal would be to sell some of my ideas to other companies for them to earn money on them, I would love to see all my ideas transfering into fantastic new companies that bring wealth to the world.

This monday there will be a start-up meeting at a local business-support organization. It will be really intresting!